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With a quantitative analysis of the top 100 retailers across the U.S. which account for almost 50% of total U.S. retail sales, the OmniReadi IndexTM is a definitive guidepost for navigating the global marketplace.- My thoughts :1,800,000,000,000 spending by 2017 is a lot of money spend through Mobile and Web commerce. Interesting that the most will be spend on Electronics and Apparel. Thus ALL merchants need to rethink of a way they sell to consumers or lose their business to the competitors who do. !!! -more-
Tim Kendall’s new job is to make sure Pinterest’s partners are finding new ways to make money off one of the most engaging platforms on the Internet. He’s been plenty busy since he got started, including launching Buyable Pins. We sat down with him to find out a little bit more about the company’s commerce plans. It is tempting to draw a buy button on a product and say you’ve enabled commerce, Kendall said. In our case we feel like we’ve built the full end-to-end capability. We now offer 2.5 million products that are buyable.- My thoughts : Well Tim, you did it, it seems like such an easy strategy took Pinterest forever to do. This is defenetely a step in the right direction to catch up to Wanelo, Fab, and other that can save products to lists, tag a friend to draw their attention to an item, or post desired merchandise that has yet to grace the Pinterest site. Its good to see that all the content is purchasable. -more-
Aug 16, 2015 – Apple Pay being repelled by big banks in Australia
Australia’s largest banks are fending off the world’s largest technology company, Apple, as it tries to muscle in on the hotly contested payments market. Fairfax Media understands fees are a big sticking point in the negotiations, with big banks not willing to give Apple a slice of the $2 billion a year they earn in interchange fees, which are paid by merchants for use of payments infrastructure. In the United States, Apple is believed to earn about 15¢ on every $100 of transactions. It is understood Apple has been asking for the same amount of interchange fee in Australia.- My thoughts : I hope that Australia will be the colour revolution beginning to change Apple Pays model and dominance. Why should Apple Pay, the big elephant in the room, have all the banks mobile business? Why can’t Apple open their NFC API to other developers and other wallets, what are they afraid of? Australian and Canadian banks have their own mobile wallet platforms BUT they can’t use them on Apple. All Banks unite and protest Apple Pay, make them realize that they must be fair not only in their pricing, but also in opening their NFC ecosystem to other wallets !!! -more-
Aug 15, 2015 – Synchrony Financial Enables Private Label Credit Card Benefits Through Samsung Pay
Synchrony Financial, the largest provider of private label credit cards in the U.S.1, announced that the benefits and features available on Synchrony Bank-issued private label credit cards can be easily accessed by cardholders through Samsung Pay, scheduled to launch next month. Joining Samsung executives at the Unpacked event in New York City , Synchrony Financial is pleased to be among the first issuers to preserve the value proposition of private label credit cards in this secure mobile wallet environment.- My thoughts : Hmm, why Samsung is rolling out in the USA before their planned launch in Europe? Nevertheless, Synchrony Financial is right, the cardholders will get lots of benefits from mobile payments, how soon will they be offering their cards to Apple Pay and other mobile wallets? In order to succeed, the entire mobile payments ecosystem needs to be as open as possible !!! -more-
Small businesses aren’t the only merchants that are ill-prepared to handle the move to EMV, but they may be the group that has the best “excuse.” Quite simply, SMBs (as the label implies) are small and resource-constrained. What time they have, they prioritize around the needs of their customers over everything else. It’s a perfectly reasonable rationale, but that fact alone — or that reality perhaps — doesn’t excuse small businesses from having to bear the responsibility in the event of fraud when October 2015 rolls around.- My thoughts : Another great interview by Karen Webster. I believe that Small and Large business alike need lots of help in implementing EMV. October 2015 is around the corner and businesses should be quick to implement it. Call FastTouch and get EMV experts to help you in this journey !!! -more-
Aug 13, 2015 – How do smartphones influence shopping behaviour?
Do you know that mobile devices account for over 15 per cent of the total market share for digital commerce spending? This infographic uncovers the influence that mobile has upon e-commerce and consumer behaviour.- My thoughts : Over 50% of ecommerce shopping is done on your phone, did you try it yet? 70% of in–store shopping is influenced by doing research on the phone !!! -more-
Aug 12, 2015 – Apple Pay Is Not Selling Itself
I can’t remember the last time I used Apple Pay. After a few test runs at Panera’s, Whole Foods and Walgreens, the functionality was easily forgotten. After some iOS updates, my authorized credit cards seemed to fall out of Passbook by themselves, and I never bothered to reauthorize them.- My thoughts : This is exactly what I envisioned when Apple Pay first came out, its just a glorified, convenient credit card glued to your phone. Where is the single tap loyalty and offers ? Why cant I add my local retailers loyalty points, and the coupons that they offer directly into one payment? NO WHERE! Until Mobile Wallets will all convenient functionality, mobile payments will not live up to the expectations!!! -more-
Aug 11, 2015 – Wrist Band Can Now Authenticate Payments With Your Heartbeat
smart band that can use a person’s unique heartwave shape to automatically authenticate other devices. Unlike other biometric forms of authentication such as fingerprint or iris scanning, the system doesn’t require the users to authenticate each time they want to unlock something.- My thoughts : Its great not to remember your password, scan your fingerprint or jump through hoops to make a contactless payment. It all happens in the background without users having to think about it, which increases the convenience of securing all the devices around them rather than leaving them exposed. . -more-
Aug 10, 2015 – Small businesses lag in EMV preparedness
Most small business retailers are not prepped to accept chip-enabled credit and debit cards, with just 31 percent having systems that are EMV chip card technology friendly, according to a new report from Wells Fargo.- My thoughts : Gee wiz, for some reason this problem is only in America… I wonder why? Ohh, I know, the Merchants, FI’s, processors, and POS manufacturers are throwing up barriers in this process. Everyone should work collaboratively together, and then you will see how quickly America will be at the forefront of EMV !!! -more-
Aug 9, 2015 – How do smartphones influence shopping behaviour?
Do you know that mobile devices account for over 15 per cent of the total market share for digital commerce spending? This infographic uncovers the influence that mobile has upon e-commerce and consumer behaviour.- My thoughts : Over 50% of ecommerce shopping is done on your phone, did you try it yet? 70% of in–store shopping is influenced by doing research on the phone !!! -more-
Aug 8, 2015- Bitcoin’s place with restaurants
Do new technology and food mix? According to 87 restaurants across the U.S., the answer is a resounding “yes.” All of these 87 restaurants accept bitcoin, according to bitcoinrestaurants.net. Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket compared to the vast numbers of diners, fast food franchises and fast casual restaurants across the country. So, like any new technological tool, companies have to answer the question, “What benefit is there in utilizing this tool?” After all, simply because something is new and advanced does not mean it will work well with or for your business. – My thoughts : Bit coin and other virtual currencies fit well with Mobile Phone environment. OEM need to create apps to include bitcoin in their Wallet Apps, and reap big rewards in the future -more-
Aug 6, 2015- Canada’s Ugo mobile wallet signs up 50,000 users
Ugo, the open NFC mobile wallet developed by Canadian banks President’s Choice Financial and TD Bank Group, has signed up 50,000 users since December. The company is on track to serve 100,000 users with 250,000 cards by year end. – My thoughts : Between TD Bank and Presidents Choice Bank there are millions of customers, it’s a shame that the adaptation is so small and so slow ! What is needed for customers to use this great technology? I’ll tell you… Elimination of barriers that are inherit in SIM based SE and how difficult it is to get UGO setup on customers phones. Good luck to the great people and team of UGO -more-
Jul 31, 20015 – North American shoppers make more mobile payments !!!
One in seven US shoppers has made a mobile payment during the last year and 68% are using alternative payment methods more often than a year ago, a survey by Blackhawk Network reveals.- My thoughts : Mobile Wallet is the next killer app !!! Its nice to see Debit, Credit, and Gift cards wording. Now the App Developers and Publishers have to add Loyalty, and Merchant direct offers to make it stick with the consumer. -more-
In a report released Monday (June 1 ) titled – Digital Coupon Redeemer: Shopper Trends, data reported that shoppers who frequently use digital coupons shop as much as 47 percent more often than the average shopper – and spend more than $6,000 on groceries and household goods. That tally is 114 percent more than the U.S. national average, the firms noted.- My thoughts : Mobile payments coupled with one-touch coupons and loyalty is what will win the consumers over and transform mobile payments into a killer app !!! -more-
June 12, 2015- Mobile payments a differentiation avenue for retailers
Early adopters view retail mobile payments as a quicker, more convenient, and “cool” approach to paying over traditional forms. However, concerns over security, continued fragmentation, lack of consistent acceptance by retailers, and uneducated retail staff are hindering advancements and its increased adoption. .- My thoughts : Mobile payments are the killer app of the near future, All merchants come onboard, the train is about to take off !!! -more-
June 11, 2015- Verifone Supports Launch of New Store Rewards Offering within Apple Pay
Announced during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple Pay™ will support rewards programs from merchants with the fall availability of iOS 9. Verifone (NYSE: PAY), the global leader in secure electronic payment solutions, will be among the first to enable clients to accept rewards and loyalty information in addition to NFC payments at the terminal via Apple Pay. To start, Verifone will enable six national and global retailers to be the first to accept NFC loyalty transactions on Verifone’s MX 915 and MX 925 terminals for their consumers to redeem rewards and accrue points.- My thoughts : I hope Verifone will open this functionality to Android Pay, FastTouch Pay and others, we shall wait and see, but I would not hold my breath !!! -more-
A study by Trustwave, a security firm, conducted last year found that hackings at POS locations were behind a majority of data breaches in North America, a number that declined to 10 percent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and only 11 percent in the Asia/Pacific region. Trustwave’s analysis looked at 574 breaches, with half of them occurring in the U.S.- My thoughts : No EMV = wonderland for fraudsters. At least by October 2015 at least 45% of this will go away, as the EMV adaption rates will not be so perfect. The other 55% might be liable for the fraud that they are helping to cultivate !!! -more-
June 9, 2015- Apple Adds PLCC and Loyalty Cards, Passbook to Become Wallet
Apple Pay yesterday also added Loyalty cards from top retailers to the list. Customer, in addition to linking debit and credit cards can also include store credit cards from companies like Synchrony, Kohl’s, JCPenney, and BJs to their Apple Pay account. With this inclusion, Apple Pay can help customers present the right card so that customers never miss a reward.- My thoughts : Well, this is the right move to get Consumers using their Apple Wallet. Apple is still missing the boat for SMI where they need to create customize loyalty and coupons. Xromb mobile commerce platform offers merchants ability to create their own Loyalty and Offers!!! -more-
When Android Pay launches, there will be one big difference between Google’s mobile payment service and Apple’s: Google won’t get a cut of the interchange fees on transactions. Google will not be earning any transaction fees from its new mobile payments service, an action which may force Apple to lower or put a stop to its credit card transaction agreements.- My thoughts : Hmm, that’s one way for Google to catch-up to Apple, but in the process sacrifice a good chunk of change on the Interchange fees. Google can also leapfrog Apple by allowing certified 3rd party developers access to the Secure Element on the phone!!! -more-
June 7, 2015- Samsung Pay: Comprehensive Payment Solution To Be Launched in September or Later
Samsung earlier said that its new payment system, Samsung Pay, would launch on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge during the second half of the year. The announcement was highly anticipated after Samsung purchased LoopPay. But Samsung is doing extensive amount of work before the launch. There are operational hurdles to be cleared which is taking time. So expect Samsung Pay to be launched in the last quarter.- My thoughts : Why does Samsung have to say one thing but never stick to its promises, Just like Blackberry, it talks first and does later. Customers are waiting for Q2 not Q4 (and possibly later) to try the new Payment feature. -more-
June 6, 2015- Global Payments works with merchants in Canada on mobile payments, loyalty
Global Payments Inc., a worldwide provider of payment technology services, has announced an agreement with Virtual Next, a mobile-based digital rewards products company, to offer its Canadian merchants a new mobile payment, loyalty, promotion and gift card service. – My thoughts: Virtual Next worked very hard to get where it is now. The Sales team is superb to get this deal, Congratulation Bijan on this achievement !!! -more-
June 5, 2015- 5Asia Adopting Host Card Emulation, Thailand To Lead
Host card emulation (HCE) is growing rapidly in Asia. Previously, we have seen all the major HCE pilot projects and implementation happening in the Americas, Europe and Australia. A cloud-based mobile payments platform is being built in Thailand in collaboration with three technology firms; this will help Thai people process credit card payments through their smartphones. – My thoughts : Thailand has 10,000 NFC POS terminals, USA has over 200,000 NFC POS (and growing), and Canada has 90% NFC POS penetration with Merchants, yet Thailand is leading the way, what gives??? -more-
June 4, 2015- 50% US Retail Transactions Are In Cash, but mCommerce Will Change That
Mobile commerce is appropriate for every retailer, but there are certain products that have a better chance of getting sold through portable devices. There are a few industries where it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile offering; in fact, if you do not have a mobile offering, then it would mean hindrance to growth and success. – My thoughts : Yes! yes! yes!… mobile is a major channel in a path to purchase, but conversion remains to be key. More merchants need to jump on a mobile bandwagon and take advantage before their competitors with mobile offerings will over run them. -more-
From the launch of Domino’s “tweet-a-pizza” ordering system to Facebook’s “Messenger for Business” platform to the brand spanking new Buy Button on Pinterest, the influence of social commerce on commerce has never been stronger. But does that mean that social platforms will emerge to become eCommerce giants? – My thoughts : Social commerce is huge business, with companies like Pinterest, Wanelo, and Fab leading the way. Its true that Natural social interaction with little interference is key, but one thing that these execs overlooked is the importance of Mobile in the social commerce world. Mobile accounts for more than 50% of social commerce transactions, that’s no joke ! Stay tuned for FastTouch Wallet with social commerce that will include loyalty, coupons, and payments all from the same place. -more-
June 2, 2015- Mobile payment market worth $2.8tn by 2020
The global mobile payment transaction market will be worth an estimated US$2,849bn by 2020, up from US$392bn in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.2% – My thoughts : $2,800,000,000,000 need I say more ??? -more-
June 1, 2015 – Mobile fintech companies raised $1.1 billion in first two quarters of 2015
Whilst the fintech industry has rapidly expanded as whole, mobile companies are the ones that are raising the largest investments, with $1.1 billion being raised across 58 financings. – My thoughts : What a good time to be in Mobile as 2015 actually marked a 238 per cent increase in investment on the same quarter last year. -more-
May 30, 2015 – Chip implants beneath the skin bring a new meaning to pay wave. Micro-chip implants for making payments and locking doors are the next frontier, but are the pitfalls worth it?
Most tech-heads like to tinker with the inner workings of iPhones or clapped out VCRs. But Amal Graafstra is different. For the last 10 years, he’s been busy hacking into his own body.His US company Dangerous Things specialises in manufacturing rice grain-sized computer chips designed to be implanted inside the delicate webbing between the thumb and forefinger. – My thoughts : Wow, what people will do to themselves. Google might be right about having a human hybrid by 2030, WOW -more-
May 29, 2015 – In the US, Credit Cards Are Not Doing that Bad Compared to Debit Cards
Credit cards have still not lost their significance in the US. The new revolution in the payments technology space—like Apple Pay, digital wallets, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and other contactless payments methods—has however increased the convenience of people using cards in their day-to-day life. – My thoughts : Here in Canada, we love our debit cards, so hopefully Interac will have open standards that will allow Mobile Wallet OEM’s like XRomb to attract new customers who will use Debit on their phone to pay. -more-
May 28, 2015 – Target CEO Praises Apple Pay, Plans to Integrate Soon
Target CEO Brian Cornell confirmed at the Code Conference in Palos Verdes, California that the company plans to offer in-store support for Apple Pay but the company is first focusing on implementation of chip and PIN payments systems. Though Target was the first retailer to adopt Apple for in-app purchases, the retailer has held off implementing the payment system in stores because it’s a “major undertaking.” – My thoughts : Well, well, I wonder what happened to the MCX liability and Targets contractual obligations to the MCX? Maybe Target realized the mistake that they made, and looked to Best Buy as example of how things should be. Is this official Game Over for the MCX and CurrentC, I hope so !!! -more-
May 27, 2015 – How to Integrate Payments in IoT Devices
Internet of Things (IoT), from eye-wear to cars and smartwatches, is spreading its wings as the technology behind it matures. Connecting various types of electronic devices together for a great experience in the day-to day activities is stated to be the ultimate objective of IOT. So how can the commerce applications and ability to pay using such devices be left behind. – My thoughts : Great story and insight by Amit, thank you. Looking to add IoT into Xromb wallet with Visas and MasterCard support. i Love this story especially that Visa opened special IoT office with 500 people !!! -more-
May 26, 2015 – Bitcoin payment application launched across 18 countries
The application will be launched in Australia, North America and countries within Europe. Available on iOS and Android, Payable makes it easier for small and medium sized business owners to accept bitcoin instantly without extra hardware and without the need for merchant accounts and their associated fees. – My thoughts : Bitcoin is a great idea, and lots of people are trying it, some like it, and some lose real money on this virtual currency. It would be so much better if its backed by Gold or Government !!! -more-
May 25, 2015 – UK consumers will switch banks if they fail to offer mobile payment services
Nearly half of consumers (44 per cent) have said they will switch banks if their current bank does not offer a mobile payment service and has no plans to introduce one. A third said they would switch within the year. – My thoughts : It’s consumer driven world out there. Banks and FI’s should learn to cooperate with Mobile Wallets, and payment companies to get in the action. This trend will continue worldwide as consumers will demand the functionality from their banks like Mobile Payment, Coupons and Loyalty from their favorite merchants !!! -more-
May 24, 2015 – USA Technologies Expands Cashless Systems to Vending Machines
Through the agreement, USAT would connect 100% of all of M&M’s vending, self-service, single cup coffee and rapidly growing micro-market locations that are not already connected to USAT’s ePort Connect service. The ePort Connect Service provides state-of-the-art cashless and telemetry services that enable and track the acceptance of cash, credit/debit card, and mobile wallet payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay through its NFC-capable ePort Connect cashless payment system. – My thoughts : Congrats to USAT, its a great company with solid product and excellent people. John, sell sell sell !!! -more-
SVP and Group Head of Market Insights for MasterCard, Sarah Quinlan, talks about summer commerce trends. Living up to her “Duchess of Doom” moniker, Quinlan did predict that the average American consumer will put a chill on retail, potentially, since they have put a spending freeze on their wallet when it comes to buying traditional items such as clothes, electronics or housewares from big name retailers.- My thoughts : Its a FACT that Canadians, unlike Americans like to save a little more and buy more meaningful items. Canadians also like buying with their phones. Reading between the lines, I sense a lot of doom & gloom for spending… maybe I should short the markets and finally make some money!-more-
May 22, 2015 – Mobile: The smart approach to in-store shopping
It no surprise there’s no getting over our smartphone addiction. According to JiWire a massive 85 percent of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping in stores. Of that 85 percent, 49 percent use their smartphone for comparison shopping and 41 percent used it in searching for product reviews. – My thoughts : As I said many times before: in-store shopping will change for the better with mobile. The key to success is one-click integration with customers loyalty and coupons so that customers will have a strong reason to use their phone for payments !!!-more-
May 21, 2015 – Cash overtaken by non-cash payments for the first time in UK
For the first time, in July 2014, non-cash payments made by businesses, consumers and financial organisations overtook cash payments.
The Payments Council published the data today, which revealed that the total number of cash payments made last year fell to 48 per cent. It was 52 per cent for the same period in 2013. – My thoughts : The balance is finally in favor of cashless !!! UK will set this trend for the rest of civilized world to follow. Did you know that Cash actually costs the most to merchants ! Considering the cost of handling money, Merchants are better to use cashless and mobile payments. !!!-more-
May 20, 2015 – US to get same day ACH payments… NACHA MEMBERS SUPPORT SAME DAY ACH
“Faster payments” are about to become a reality in the U.S. NACHA’s membership, which consists of most financial institutions in this country directly or through regional associations, voted in favor of a change to NACHA operating rules that adopts Same Day ACH. That’s a speedier alternative to existing ACH which can take a day or more to settle and clear. – My thoughts : Finally, this ruling will tremendously improve payments, settlement, and give consumers a wide variety of choices to move their money !!!-more-
May 19, 2015 – The Arrival of the New QR code which is dotless and said to be practically impossible to imitate.
QR codes are transforming to be colorful and visually appealing. Israeli-based startup “Visualead” has launched a new version of the QR code which is dotless and said to be practically impossible to imitate. Visualead is helping brands make colorful, dotless and scannable QR codes which help in battling counterfeiting.- My thoughts : Amazing technology and the right step in cloud security. FastTouch should try them out in the Cloud Pay module !!!-more-
May 18, 2015 – Google Buy Button – Google announced that it is turning the World Wide Web into a searchable and buyable marketplace – on mobile devices
It will be adding a buy button to those ads those ads that appear at the top of the search page. Clicking on a buy button will take searchers to a Google-hosted page where said products are displayed and can be purchased via Google’s buy button and using a card that can also be stored for future purchases. This buy capability is limited to selected searches to start.- My thoughts : Great story by Karen Webster, but Merchants will still need to signup to Google in order to use the Buy Button. Google will try again to get the old Google Checkout working through the Buy Button. Well, they failed with Google Checkout so how will the Buy button be different ??? -more-
May 18, 2015 – Payments Industry has Already Witnessed More Than $2.3 Billion Worth of Acquisitions in 2015
The first Quarter of 2015 saw a few major acquisitions in the payments sector out of which the D+H – Fundtech deal was an eye-catcher worth US$1.25 billion. Many payment companies focused on acquiring technology providers which shows a strong interest in providing technology based services to customers. Payment companies are focusing on digital technologies such as mobile payments, cloud based services, bio-metric authentication and other modern methods meet the expectations of the digital generation.- My thoughts : WOW, 2015 is not even half way and already over $2.3 Billion and its clear what they are paying for… Customer downloads and / or number of merchants !!! -more-
May 17, 2015 – Introducing Mobile Money in the regions where there is poorer access to banks (or weak banking system) is a near perfect solution to address the needs of people
Mobile Money is a near perfect solution to address the needs of people – safety, security, micro-transactions and so on. With m-pesa, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is widely seen as a pioneering market for mobile money. The service has since crossed borders and allowed providers to enable money transfer services with each other conveniently. – My thoughts : Amazing idea and example to take from our African neighbors !!! -more-
May 16, 2015 – Amazon VP: ‘Anyone working on NFC is focusing on last century’s problem’
Patrick Gauthier has been on the job for only five months, but Amazon’s vice president of payments already has a lot to say. Ask him about NFC, the technology used by Apple Pay and Google Wallet to pay by smartphone, and Gauthier launches into a half-hour discussion of how most of the competition is getting payments all wrong. – My thoughts : Not sure I agree with Patrick that NFC is last century focus, as its current and today. Amazon Fresh is a great idea, I want to order some fresh produce (especially from Canada) and see if they measure up to store produce !!! -more-
May 15, 2015 – Why tokenization is the key to mobile payment security
Mobile payments can be a finicky business. Consumers are presented with a broad range of payment options and channels – from Apple Pay to Google Wallet to Visa Checkout – all vying for majority adoption. Unfortunately, NFC is only a functional technology, not a thorough security safeguard. It needs another complementary layer of security on top of it to complete the payments software package. All of this sets up rather nicely for tokenization to emerge as a new defense against mobile payment fraud. – My thoughts : I believe that HCE, and Tokenization are needed for security and convenience. XRomb has a patent pending technology that allows tokenization between eCommerce and customers mobile phone (Buy online, and securely pay with your phone) !!! -more-
May 14, 2015 – NFC & Heading Beyond the $487 Billion in Payments
The good news for NFC is that most EMV terminals, which will be used for all the new credit cards coming with chips embedded this year, can accept NFC transactions once activated. A new report sheds some light on what the NFC market will look like over the next several years. NFC terminal penetration this year will reach 1 million, 2 million next year and 8 million by 2020, according to the report Mobile Proximity Payments: A Disruption in the Force by Aite Group. – My thoughts : $487,000,000,000 is a large number, what an explosive industry to be a part of !!! -more-
Canada has been considered one of the “first movers” of mobile payments – partly because the nation is often quick to adopt new technologies. And the key to making that a more widespread trend, says RBC, is about delivering solutions that meet the needs of consumers and merchants. – My thoughts : Congratulations to RBC on a successful HCE (Host Card Emulation) implementations. Canadians (and Australians) love their mobile payment technology. In my opinion, RBC needs to tie in Merchants for a true omni-channel Customer shopping experience. Customer using Mobile Payments needs to utilize local coupons and loyalty in one transaction with the payment. I wonder how many downloads and mobile payments RBC really has, and was the ROI expectation met !!! -more-
May 13, 2015 – Will mobile biometric authentication replace today’s passwords?
We use passwords constantly to log into dozens of systems and services every single day. And as the number of systems and services we subscribe to grows, the more we have to remember. According to a study from Cyber Streetwise, the average consumer in the U.K. needs to recall 19 passwords on a regular basis – My thoughts : Whether its your fingerprint, or heartbeat or something else on your body, Yes FOR SURE mobile-biometric will replace passwords. There has to be a way to make the password disappear forever !!! -more-
May 12, 2015 – Banks Now Want To Be Part Of The E-Commerce Game
Banks have been closely watching the e-commerce sector evolve sitting at the fence. The only participation was with regard to processing payments (that too partially). With the growth in e-commerce sector at an all time high (especially in some regions), banks wanted a bigger pie of the transactions. So how do you do more in an area where you don’t have expertise? – My thoughts : Of course the Banks want to get into eCommerce as they are seeing erosion of their margins from Apple Pay and other thirds parties. Although the Banks have bright Financial wizards, I am not as sure that the Banks have the expertise needed to deliver and profit from e-commerce. Sure they can buy temporary skills, but then they will need to overcome the red tape and bureaucracy. Special kind of a visionary CEO or CIO leader is needed at the Bank to make eCommerce successful !!! -more-
May 12, 2015 – LevelUp Further Expands Its Capabilities In The Carrier Billing Space
LevelUp has apparently added Danal’s Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service to its payment options. In partnership with Sprint, LevelUp and Danal are offering an entirely new, completely mobile way to make in-store purchases through carrier billing integrated with LevelUp. – My thoughts : What a great way for a consumer to buy their coffee or lunch, and have the charge appear on the monthly carrier bill ! Consumers will LOVE the credit aspect of BUY NOW and PAY LATER for their purchases. Consumers will also love redeeming offers with the purchase as a one step transaction. Cant wait for FastTouch to have similar arrangement with one of Canadian carriers !!! -more-
What do LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Yelp have in common with goldfish? Goldfish are said to have an attention span of 12 seconds, which is, remarkably, one second longer than that of the typical American consumer today.Let me give you a hint. Goldfish are said to have an attention span of 12 seconds, which is, remarkably, one second longer than that of the typical American consumer today. – My thoughts : Yes, Payments can save the Internet Ad Giants !!! BUT they need the right, secure, and easy to use payment technology like FastTouch that offers one-touch mobile payments, loyalty & offers that your customers will love. -more-
While there is no such thing as a perfect human being – there are actually very few people on Earth who don’t think that their mother is, in fact, basically perfect. – My thoughts : Happy mothers day to my beautiful, energetic, and amazing mom, and my wife who is the best mother to my kids. Happy mothers day to all Moms of the world !!! -more-
May 9, 2015 – Visa’s First Publically Available Retail Spending Monitor Report
Visa recently announced its Retail Spending Monitor (RSM), a quarterly report that tracks retail spending patterns based on real time purchase data. The report highlights how Americans have modestly increased their spending in April, with growth across most major purchase categories. – My thoughts : Transparency is always welcome. Finally the numbers are coming out. To our WW2 veterans, Happy 70th year of Victory, may we never forget to insure WW3 will never happen !!! -more-
May 8, 2015 – Over 27% of global online transactions are now on mobile devices
Online payments made using mobile devices continues to rise globally according to the findings, now accounting for 27.2% of the total online payments made in Q1 2015 – up from 25.8% on the traditionally high online spending period of Q4 and up a massive 39% on the corresponding period last year. – My thoughts : Chug chug chugging away ! Up to over 1/4 of transactions are on mobile ! Soon, very soon, with combined payments, one tap/scan Coupons, and Loyalty transactions, it will be over 50% !!! Mobile is it, get with it. -more-
Mobile online transaction revenue increased 137 percent, year over year, to $5.6 million, which represents 9 percent of total net revenues. Meanwhile, net revenues from desktop transactions decreased 14 percent to $47.1 million.- My thoughts : It is very interesting that their web profits went down 33% BUT their mobile transactions gained traction. I am waiting until the day when Mobile Commerce will topple Web Commerce. Its coming sooner than you expect !!! -more-
May 6, 2015 – NXP-Qualcomm Partnership to Drive NFC – Gives Android its Apple Pay
Expect droves of Android phones featuring secure NFC mobile transactions a la Apple Pay to hit the global market soon. NXP Semiconductors N.V., who worked with Apple on Apple Pay, has just picked up Qualcomm as its mobile chip partner. The two companies announced Tuesday (May 5) they will work together to bring NXP’s market-proven NFC and secure element technology onto Qualcomm’s – My thoughts : Yaaa, Google like Apple pay. Unlike Apple, I hope Google will make it open to other developers ! > – -more-

May 5, 2015 – Issuers predict US will completely switch over to chip cards by end of 2017
Eight financial institutions, which make up half of the US payment card volume, estimate that 63 per cent of their credit and debit cards will be EMV chip-enabled. That number increases to 98 per cent by 2017.- My thoughts : I predict that most of the important merchants will make the switch, that will be 50% at the deadline, and 80% within next 6 month. But Merchants PLEASE, switch to something that is flexible yet secured.> – -more-

May 4, 2015 – New Study Shows Mobile Payments Accounting for 27 Percent of Online Transactions
Online payments made using mobile devices accounted for 27.2 percent of total online payments made in Q1 2015. Considering the geographic split, 28.6 percent of online payments were made with mobile in Europe, 26.7 percent in the U.S., and 20 percent in Asia. The U.K. led the way with 44 percent (MK: Canada is like UK only better) of online payments made using a mobile device
The average transaction value (ATV) via mobile devices rose 37 percent year-to-year iOS ended Q1 2015 with a 65 percent market share of online mobile payments while Android claimed 34.9 percent- My thoughts : WOW what a nice lead for Android to catch up to Apple 25% to go !!! Mobile, when omni-channel with in-store and web, coupled with one tap/scan Coupons, and Loyalty transactions will be the difference. LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!! -more-
May 3, 2015 – Global Payments Launches EMV & Contactless Mobile Payments Solution in Canada
Global Payments Inc., announced the launch of the new Ingenico Companion Mobile Payments (iCMP) MPOS – a turnkey mobile point-of-sale solution offering full debit and credit EMV and contactless payment acceptance to Canadian merchants.- My thoughts : The solution needs to do more ! It needs to combine payment with Mobile payments, as well as one tap/scan Coupons, and Loyalty transactions. Will it happen in 2015, Should we hold our breath ??? -more-
May 2, 2015 – “SpotMe App” – To Share Money Among Friends In a Sophisticated Way!
Paring money with friends has turned high-tech with easy transfers with the tap of a phone. With the SpotMe app on the iPhone, users can transfer money to each other by simply tapping their their phones. – My thoughts: In North America, XRomb has a patent on Spotting, Tracking, and Returning money among trusted friends. (See here) This is great app amongs loving friends !!! -more-
May 1, 2015 – Payments Industry Moves to Help Simplify Chip Card Acceptance
Payment Industry will launch a chip education curriculum and “pre-qualification” program to help streamline and simplify the EMV testing and certification process for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).- My thoughts : Step in the right direction, more training for Merchants (and Patrons) is needed !!! -more-
Apr 30, 2015 – Mooney succeeds Davidson as MCX interim CEO
Over half the world’s retailers are refraining from investing into their payments strategies due to overwhelming security concerns – My thoughts : Maybe now things will move at MCX or at least they will be more open to partner with merchants and developers to create real solutions for the MCX -more-
Apr 29, 2015 – Retailers are refusing to invest into the payments sector
Over half the world’s retailers are refraining from investing into their payments strategies due to overwhelming security concerns – My thoughts : Merchants should not be paying for Mobile Payments any different than they are paying for Cards!!! New Equipment should be given to Merchants by the Acquirers and Networks to make it easier for EMV and Mobile NFC. Merchants should be paying ONLY for performance based Mobile Marketing programs. Pay only when new customers steps through your doors!!! -more-
Apr 28, 2015 – CurrentC mobile pay to kick off in a single market mid-year
Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a group of large U.S. merchants, said Monday it expects to launch an early version of its CurrentC mobile payment app mid-year in an unnamed, mid-sized market – My thoughts : So sad that Walmart and Paydiant cant launch sooner ! With their financial might, they need technology kahunas to make a quick turnaround if they will be a player once they launch. – -more-
Blame it on the promotional run-up to the December 2015 release of Star Wars Episode 7, but the subject of the mobile wallet “wars” seems back in the news. And like all wars – intergalactic or otherwise – there’s no shortage of opinions about who’ll win and why. -more-
Blame it on the promotional run-up to the December 2015 release of Star Wars Episode 7, but the subject of the mobile wallet “wars” seems back in the news. And like all wars – intergalactic or otherwise – there’s no shortage of opinions about who’ll win and why. -more-
Apr 27, 2015 – Customer retention through loyalty and in-app mobile payments
Erase the pain from the car dealership checkout process with an in-app payments feature within the loyalty app the company already provides to its partners who sell high-end cars from BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.-more-
Apr 27, 2015 – Starbucks Gained 3 Million Additional Active Mobile Wallet Users
The current figures of the coffee giant’s mobile wallet app represent a growth of three million users and one million weekly payments. In its financial quarter ending December 28th, 2014, Starbucks had in excess of 13 million mobile app users in the United States -more-
Apr 26, 2015 – Canada based TELUS & CIBC Team Up to Add Value to Customers’ Purchases
TELUS and CIBC have announced the launch of CIBC TELUS Rewards Visa card, a new co-branded credit card that delivers rewards options to TELUS and CIBC customers. -more-
For Facebook, it would seem that ramping up its Buy button and Messenger Payments can’t come soon enough. As the social network’s user base continues to shift to mobile and expand into the rest of the world, advertising is no longer keeping pace with revenue expectations — and the logical answer would be payments -more-
Apr 7, 2015 – US retailers fear they’ll miss EMV transition deadline
A US trade group is asking the payment-card industry to delay the October EMV transition plan that will leave the retail food stores and pharmacies it represents liable for fraudulent transactions if they are unable to meet the deadline.-more-
Jul 16, 2014 – XRomb Announces Pete Hart as Advisor
XRomb Inc., is pleased to announce that Alex W. ‘Pete’ Hart, has joined the XRomb Advisory Board as our Payments Industry Specialist. Pete Hart is a consultant specializing in payment services and financial technology -more-
Jul 1, 2014 – XRomb Granted Patent for Mobile Commerce “Tap-and-Load” Process
XRomb received official notification from the USPTO that its first mobile commerce patent was granted. This patented feature significantly improves the ease-of-use of loading credit card information into mobile commerce applications and digital wallets. XRomb has several mobile commerce patents in progress. -more-
Jun 12, 2014 – XRomb to Present at the Wincor Nixdorf Executive Forum 2014 in Montreal, QC
MITIGATING RISK WITH MOBILE PAYMENTS – Focus on recent security incidents with major retailers and how mobile payment technology can help mitigate or eliminate this potential risk -more-
Jun 10, 2014 – XRomb to Present at the Wincor Nixdorf Executive Forum 2014 in Charlotte, NC
MITIGATING RISK WITH MOBILE PAYMENTS – Focus on recent security incidents with major retailers and how mobile payment technology can help mitigate or eliminate this potential risk -more-
Dec 2, 2013 – XRomb’s Mobile Payment Platform Launched At Shore Grill And Celadon House Restaurants
Two premier restaurants have selected the FastTouchTM mobile wallet from XRomb to enable mobile payments and bring rich commerce apps to their smartphone-enabled customers. -more-




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FastTouch contacted you because we think you put out a really good product, and our mobile services can really benefit your business !!!


FastTouch offers one-touch mobile payments & loyalty & offers that your customers will love. Along with rich analytics, & ROI-driven campaigns that will make your business happy.

FastTouch is partnering with Merchants in your community to drive more business and reach opt-in customers directly on their phones and emails.  We will be targeting 200,000 Customers in In Port Credit, Oakville, and Mississauga to download and  use our FastTouch App !

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Your Customers will love FastTouch Wallet’s one touch Payment, Loyalty, & Offers.   Customers can pay with FastTouch Wallet on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone to save time and money.

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FastTouch Intelligent Mobile Platform includes all 5 “pillars”. Hardware, Configuration services, and taxes are extra and billed separately.


Payment Processing – Using our Payment Gateway services allows same day payments. With Bank Account transfers, payments are done next day to any bank account. No hidden fees. It’s that simple. No Joke !


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